Story # 53: Family Sayins’ I Grew Up With

Guy Hobart Gateley
  • Scatterbrain!
  • Children should be seen and not heard.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Leone Day Gateley
  • Let me squeeze your neck! (Let me hug you)
  • I could just eat you up! (You are so cute)
  • I’m going to put a book on your head to stop you growing.
  • I’ve got a bone in my leg. (Let me rest, I’m tired.)
Frankie Ruth Hall Haswell
  • Lands Sake!
  • Well I’ll be! (I’m amazed!)
Miriam Elizabeth Hall Gateley
  • You look like death warmed over.
  • Who do you think you are, Lady Astor on her pet horse? (The beginning of the phrase says it all, nailed down by the topical reference. In this case, Lady Astor was an American woman who married into the extremely wealthy British Astors; later elected the first woman in Parliament after her husband resigned to join the House of Lords.)
  • If wishes were horses all beggars would ride.
  • Can’t never did a thing.
  • Pretty is as pretty does.
Lonnell Day Gateley (L.D.)
  • He’s (or you’re) cruisin’ for a bruisin’. (His (or your) actions will lead to painful consequences)
  • It’s a tough row to hoe. (farming/gardening reference for a difficult task)
  • Be glad when you pay taxes because it means you’re making money.
  • Don’t Poor-mouth (“Poor-mouthing” means going around talking about how much money you don’t have)
  • To be enthusiastic you have to act enthusiastic! To act enthusiastic you have to be enthusiastic!
  • Don’t act so put upon! (Quit feeling sorry for yourself)
  • You’re payin’ for your raisin’. (Your kids are acting just like you!)
  • There are two things you can’t avoid ….. death and taxes
  • Keep your mouth shut! (Depending upon context, this could mean: Listen and learn; Don’t interrupt; Think before you speak.)
  • Dream big — it doesn’t cost any more.
  • When impatient for a special day to arrive and we’d say “I wish it were here”, he’d say, “Don’t wish your life away — life is short enough.”
  • You’re getting too big for your britches! (It means over confident, thinking you know more than you do.)



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Donna Gateley

Donna Gateley

I like to write about my experiences, family history, family stories, raising a Deaf, special-needs child, Sign Language, Cued Speech, and Lessons I’ve learned.